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We are a global non-profit 501c3 organization assisting those who are lost, hurting and in need of being empowered through Coaching, Training and Speaking. We work with individuals, groups and organizations.


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We empower people through, coaching, training, speaking, and teaching. Using C.H.U.R.C.H. (Change-Help-Understanding-Relationships-Caring-Hope) a program which emphasizes that a person is healthy, spiritually, mentally and morally and showing people how to reach their dreams.


Our mission is to help people make themselves and the world a better place.

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Every Donation big or small helps us fulfull our mission. Please consider donation to support our cause.


Partner with us and support a variety of our programs to help us fulfill our mission .


Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or volunteer with us.

Our Team


Tarrent-Arthur Henry is the Guiding Force of the team. He is a husband and stepfather of two wonderful young men, so he understands marriage, family, and relationships. He is also a Published Author, Chaplain, Disaster Relief and Mental Health Responder and a Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator with Maxwell Leadership, so he understands that we can't do it alone; we need each other. The quote he lives his life by is: "Helping one person may not change the world but it can change the world for one person."


Helen Cummings-Henry is the Visionary of the team. She is a wife and mother of two amazing sons. Helen is the published author of three books. She has written and acted in several plays and has received several awards for her outstanding work empowering women. Helen is a Minister, Disaster Relief and Mental Health Responder, a Team Leader with New York Cares and a Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator with Maxwell Leadership. The quote she lives her life by is: "No one can do everything; but everyone can do something."


Kim Johnson is the proud mother of three children, and four grandchildren. She is a Minister, Faith Writer and Blogger and the founder of “I Am My Sister (Women Helping Women)” Kim believes in self-awareness and self-reflection. She believes that if we take every opportunity and experience and deliberately evaluate them, it will lead to a more successful and fulfilling life. The value of education was instilled in her at a young age. Kim is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Education Information Technology. The quote she lives her life by is: “Education is the key to a successful future.


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